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Books - Mind Tricks


 A true story from tragedy to transformation in 5 key steps


Mind Tricks is based on Jane's true story of a near fatal car accident in her 20’s. Jane had to learn to walk again as well as needed to have her face reconstructed. She has been able to find inner strength to create happiness throughout her 16 operations and rehabilitation that is ongoing.


So, if you are stuck in your life right now, then this could be the book for you. Whether you need help with friendships, career, dealing with an unbalanced family life or simply want to find your passion, then this book will help you find more happiness in any area of your life. Imagine if you could have fun manifesting and setting goals to create more productivity and success in your life.


Well, it’s time to begin a journey to open your mind to a new YOU.

It’s time to get excited about life again about what you can achieve.


In this book you will discover:

  • The essential skill to create what you want in your life… and it’s fun!

  • The easy way to clear your mind of negative thoughts and worries.

  • These simple, yet effective, daily exercises will transform you to create a happy, successful life.


Jane’s methods have worked for herself, and her many clients that have also been searching for answers.

T e s t I m o n i a l s

...I have used these simple techniques many times since and find I respond much better to the stress in my life.

Sandra Larson

Mind Tricks will help many people.

It has reminded me on what to focus on in life.

John Gallagher

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