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MASTER Trainer in NLP

Time Line Therapy




- mentor 

- Therapist 

- educator

- Counsellor

- Spiritual Healer

Passionate About Changing Your Life for the Better

Take yourself to the NEXT LEVEL with Life Strategy Coaching.

Learn how to find your passion, focus your energy and receive guidance, support and belief in you, when you need it most. 

See your relationships and business thrive!

Jane digs deep to reveal your full potential and self-worth, allowing you to release what is holding you back.

Goodbye overwhelm and procrastination!

Too long have we watched as great people are pulled down by the struggles that life brings, only to find themselves stuck without knowing how to get their passion and excitement for life back - that's where Life Strategy Coaching comes in!

Clients come to me with:
  • Feelings of being unfulfilled in business, relationships, finance, health etc

  • No clear vision of who they are

  • Unsure of how to connect with relationships be it on a personal or professional level.

  • Feelings of close mindedness and as though they're missing out on life

  • Feelings of insecurity and self doubt

  • Quiet thoughts of unworthiness

  • Anxiety, Nervousness and doubt about big or small decisions in life

Jane is a trained Neuro-Linguistic Coach and Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in Coaching. 

Want to get rid of unwanted thoughts, bad habits and limiting beliefs? Learn how NLP Coaching can benefit you from your very first session!

What you will learn from Life Strategy Coaching sessions:

  • How to create balance, bliss and productivity daily

  • Easy and effortless strategies to help improve quality of life

  • How to get your 'zing' back and KEEP it for life

  • Become happy, calm and motivated

  • Reignite relationships

  • Take your business or career to a new level

  • How to find your passion in personal or business life

  • How to set your goals so you can genuinely achieve them

Life Strategy Coaching is extremely effect and considers all areas of your life including personal, business and relationships.

If you're still not sure this is the right option for you, please contact me so we can work out the best options for you.

T e s t I m o n i a l s

I had the good fortune of rooming with Jane at the Amasssing Women’s retreat in Australia.

At the time I was in the midst of a chaotic life with young children.  In a short period of time Jane taught me how to remove my mind from the chaos, calm and Center myself using breathing and stretching (quigong) and hence relaxing my body.  I have used these simple techniques many times since and find I respond much better to the stress in my life.

Sandra Larson

Jane supported me through a time of deep sadness and grief with my youngest brother passing in a tragic accident when he was only 24.  After years of not even being able to say his name without tears welling up, Jane showed me and reminded me of the joy I have within me that was connected to him.  Through a process that included laughter and tears I have been able to move beyond the grief into acceptance, and now share stories of him with a sense of peace and love.

From the moment I met Jane I knew there was something very special about her.  Jane’s energy, intention and skills align perfectly as she has worked with me during times of stress, confusion and grief.

Jane’s loving and caring nature brings you close and holds you with an injection of fun and humor, through the good times and the toughest times in life.

I am for ever grateful

Michelle Bassette

Jane has an amazing ability to tap into your body and work through any emotional blocks your experiencing I highly recommend Jane’s work.

Sue Moore

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