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I had the good fortune of rooming with Jane at the Amassing Women’s retreat in Australia.

At the time I was in the midst of a chaotic life with young children.  In a short period of time Jane taught me how to remove my mind from the chaos, calm and Center myself using breathing and stretching (quigong) and hence relaxing my body.  I have used these simple techniques many times since and find I respond much better to the stress in my life.

Sandra Larson

I had my first session with Jane. She used NLP and Timeline Therapy with me. We went very deep into issues that I've carried all throughout my life. I've been aware of most of the issues and have worked on many of them with various techniques and modalities over the years. Within the first session with Jane, which was very relaxing, many of the negative feelings that I had about specific relationships had shifted or disappeared. I have more work to do to clear a lifetime worth of emotional debris and am looking forward to moving ahead on this healing path with Jane.

I highly recommend working with Jane to accelerate healing and the path to well-being.

Deb Bullions

I felt overwhelmed and frustrated before I arrived to Jane's session. I now have clear direction and the tools available to cope. Would definitely recommend.

Dwayne Collins

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