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Please forgive me. Thank you.

You can use it in any situation. This has changed my life. It is so simple yet so powerful! It is a has been around for thousands of years in Hawaii. It was developed by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a Hawaiian.

Dr Hew Len one of her students worked in a psychiatric ward where people were shackled. The environment was so hostile that the staff there couldn’t cope and would often leave or take sick leave after only three months. They had to try something different.

Using Ho’opono pono, Dr Hew Len read each inmate’s files – he never saw the patients – and kept reading the file until he cleared his mind and there was no emotional attachment to it. Even though these people were rapists and murderers, he cleared his mind so that, when he read the file, it was null and void. Zero thoughts. Eventually, over a few years, each patient was either released or transferred, and they closed the ward down. Youtube "Dr Hew Len" to learn more of his work. He has stopped public engagements now but there are many books about his work with Ho'opono pono.

He didn’t do it on his own – there were psychologists that were helping as well – but this is the only thing that they did differently. Staff ended up being able to stay and they were able to get the results.

Using Ho’opono pono

All my clients over the years who have used this technique love how it works. I get that it sounds a bit far fetched for some of you, as it did for me many years ago but if you want to get out of these dips in life and reduce your worrying, there’s no harm in giving this a go because it’s been working for many, many years. It is quick and easy and fun, as you will see results. You can Youtube it, to learn more. A workshop is the best thing to attend.


I try to keep it fun and light-hearted. It has become so much fun using these mind games to change these patterns slowly but surely. The more I have surrounded myself with like-minded people the more fun it has become. We challenge each other with words we use. For example, ‘I hope’ leaves the possibility hanging in the air. How about changing that to ‘I WILL!’ You are more likely to take action to make it happen subconsciously. It also creates a belief it will happen.

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