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Play this accountability game. It’s fun and it works. Just have some fun with it and watch; you will propel yourself forward to a new mindset and productivity will astound you. The hardest thing is to start a new task like this. So, pretend it is easy.
Doing ten-minute accountability call or writing it down has allowed me to be aware that I can jump up, start something new, and achieve anything any time I choose. I am achieving so much since I became accountable a year ago; without it, I don’t think I would be writing this book today.

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Live above the line. 100% Responsibility – for everything you say, do and how you act!


"I am responsible and accountable for all my thoughts and actions and what I attract into my life. If I am not who would be!"

– Jane Rushton

Accountability exercise to do daily

Write these down and answer them each day with a like-minded friend. Same time every day. Text, email or call. Calling is far more productive.

Golden Rule ONLY TEN MINUTE CALL Monday to Friday.

  1. What are you grateful for?

  2. Your win from yesterday.

  3. Your intention for today.

  4. Your challenge for today.

  5. Four-step manifestation.

  6. Question to the universe.

  Take 100% Responsibility

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