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30 day challenge

with Jane to demonstrate the benefits of the 12 WEEK PROGRAM

It's time to have fun!

We are always learning! Like I've said many times before- "You can't learn less".

The 12 Week Program is a simple online course that gives you access to the knowledge you need in order to create BLISS, BALANCE and PRODUCTIVITY daily, easily and effortlessly. The best part? I coach you PERSONALLY.

You are one step closer to creating a compelling future for YOU.
Tap into your strengths and learn how to use them to your full potential, and yes, it will help your family, work and social life too.
See the below checklist to determine if this program is for you!

Tick the ones that feel relevant to you. The 12 Week Program is designed to make you ask the harder questions of yourself: "Who am I? What do I think about myself?" Use this checklist as a way of understanding YOU, and know that the program can help long term with any of the pain points listed. 

Are you in overwhelmed?

Do you have challenges at work, home or in your health?

Are you stuck in ground hog day?

Do you feel you have stress in your life?

Do you want more business or career success?

Are you facing a dip in life?

Are you trying to get over a tragedy?

Are you searching for your passion?

Are you wanting more balance, bliss and/or productivity in your life?

Do you feel worthy?

The 12 week Program comes with the MIND TRICKS BOOK and it’s very own 30 day transformation Journal!


These tools are designed to keep you focused for the entire 12 weeks so you can achieve what you want in life right now!

How you have thought through your whole life has made you the person who you are today.

It’s time to take a look at yourself in the mirror. Who am I?  What do I think about me?

All the things you have done or not done and experiences you have had, have created feelings you have chosen to feel and that therefore, creates beliefs that have either helped you move forward to a blissful life or have limited you to the life you have today.

You may say it’s half a blissful life. Either way, today you feel, act and achieve whatever your beliefs are.


This course is a reminder of how wonderful you are and to help you keep on top of your personal self-belief, to achieve the perfect life you deserve and to find and enjoy and passion for life to create what you want. 


The program starts with a FREE 30 minute consultation with Jane, the Free Mind Tricks Book and the Free Mind Tricks 30 Day Transformation Journal!

T e s t I m o n i a l s

I had the good fortune of rooming with Jane at the Amasssing Women’s retreat in Australia.

At the time I was in the midst of a chaotic life with young children.  In a short period of time Jane taught me how to remove my mind from the chaos, calm and Center myself using breathing and stretching (quigong) and hence relaxing my body.  I have used these simple techniques many times since and find I respond much better to the stress in my life.

Sandra Larson

Jane supported me through a time of deep sadness and grief with my youngest brother passing in a tragic accident when he was only 24.  After years of not even being able to say his name without tears welling up, Jane showed me and reminded me of the joy I have within me that was connected to him.  Through a process that included laughter and tears I have been able to move beyond the grief into acceptance, and now share stories of him with a sense of peace and love.

From the moment I met Jane I knew there was something very special about her.  Jane’s energy, intention and skills align perfectly as she has worked with me during times of stress, confusion and grief.

Jane’s loving and caring nature brings you close and holds you with an injection of fun and humor, through the good times and the toughest times in life.

I am for ever grateful

Michelle Bassette

Jane has an amazing ability to tap into your body and work through any emotional blocks your experiencing I highly recommend Jane’s work.

Sue Moore

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