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Jane's vision is to help people improve their lives.

Jane had a near fatal, head on car accident in Balcutha, New Zealand in 1992 and after many surgeries discovered she wanted to learn how to heal herself and find more happiness in herself and in any area her life.


Jane loves showing her clients and readers how to discover more happiness with her easy formula (MIND TRICKS 5 KEY STEPS) that she and many others use daily to be the best they can be and enjoy each day of their life.


T e s t I m o n i a l s

I had the good fortune of rooming with Jane at the Amasssing Women’s retreat in Australia.

At the time I was in the midst of a chaotic life with young children.  In a short period of time Jane taught me how to remove my mind from the chaos, calm and Center myself using breathing and stretching (quigong) and hence relaxing my body.  I have used these simple techniques many times since and find I respond much better to the stress in my life.

Sandra Larson

Jane supported me through a time of deep sadness and grief with my youngest brother passing in a tragic accident when he was only 24.  After years of not even being able to say his name without tears welling up, Jane showed me and reminded me of the joy I have within me that was connected to him.  Through a process that included laughter and tears I have been able to move beyond the grief into acceptance, and now share stories of him with a sense of peace and love.

From the moment I met Jane I knew there was something very special about her.  Jane’s energy, intention and skills align perfectly as she has worked with me during times of stress, confusion and grief.

Jane’s loving and caring nature brings you close and holds you with an injection of fun and humor, through the good times and the toughest times in life.

I am for ever grateful

Michelle Bassette

Jane has an amazing ability to tap into your body and work through any emotional blocks your experiencing I highly recommend Jane’s work.

Sue Moore

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