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Jane Rushton, International Inspirational Speaker and Author of MIND TRICKS joins Oprah Winfrey, Jack Canfield and other greats in this book to inspire you.

You will go on a journey with all the authors in this INSPIRING book, as they share there interesting and turbulent journeys to create the life they wanted.

Do You Want To Create More Bliss In Your Life? Are You Ready To Embrace A Life Of Happiness, Abundance and Joy?
Life's an Act the worlds your stage. So, for Just A Moment Close Your Eyes and Imagine How You Would Feel If You Knew The Secret To Living The Life Of Your Dreams!! How Would Your Life Change?

Jane shares tips to create more BALANCE, BLISS and PRODUCTIVITY with her 5 QUICK KEY STEPS.

In Jane's book, she inspires you, as she shares how she went from begin a victim from a tragedy to transforming her mindset to change her life.

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