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See the below checklist to determine if this program is for you!

Tick the ones that feel relevant to you. The 12 Week Program is designed to make you ask questions of yourself to guide you to reduce anxiety, overwhelm, limited beliefs and build self worth to assist you in Work/Businesses/ Cash Flow and Relationships.

  1. Are you in overwhelm, or does it happen weekly?
  2. Do you have any challenges at work, home or in your health?
  3. Do you get stuck in ground hog day?
  4. Do you feel you have stress in your life?
  5. Do you want more business or career success?
  6. Are you facing a dip in life?
  7. Are you trying to get over a tragedy or past emotional issue?
  8. Are you searching for your passion?
  9. Is cash-flow not happening well for you?
  10. Do you have difficulty in business or personal relationships?
  11. Do you get upset easily?
  12. Are you wanting more balance, bliss and/or productivity in your life?
  13. Do you feel worthy?

If you ticked yes to 4 or more you are in the right place. See you on the other side.


One one one session with a Jane

Be sent Mind Tricks Transformational and Strategy Work books.

You will be send links for weekly Transformational zoom sessions every second Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm

Online strategy work every other week.

Kind Regards Jane

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